Indoor Air Quality in Jacksonville, Florida

Using an air filtration system or UV lighting system in tandem with your AC is essential for improving the quality of air in your home. Of course, improved air quality positively affects your health, but it also increases the life of your HVAC system. Filtering out smoke, VOCs and other pollutants can improve the efficiency and, in turn, reduce your utility costs.

Indoor Air Quality Products We Install and Service

Keeping the air clean in your home is critical for both your health and the health of your air conditioning system. We are proud to carry and service a variety of indoor air quality products in Jacksonville, FL.

Air Filtration Systems

These powerful systems, like the Air Knight Air Purification System using Photohyroionizaton (PHI) technology, capture and eliminate air pollutants, bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke and VOCs. Attaching to your existing HVAC system, this type of air filtration is the most effective way to maintain the quality of air in your home or office.

UV Lighting Systems

UV lighting systems, like the TechPure whole house UV air treatment from TopTech, utilize UV technology to neutralize microbes by bonding to their DNA. These dangerous microbes include harmful bacteria that sits in your drip pans, cooling coils and air duct surfaces. Installing a UV lighting system can provide you with a healthier living and office environment and even reduce noxious odors.

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We install and service air filtration and UV Lighting systems for all HVAC models, so call us today and we can help you choose an air purification product that suits your needs