Air conditioning maintenance programs

Servicing your HVAC System is like getting an oil change for your car. It should be done by a Certified Technician to ensure all of the factory components are operating as they are designed to. Not every service call should be about an air conditioning contractor trying to sell you a brand new AC unit. Sometimes there are simpler and more cost effective solutions available. David Gray is pleased to offer you various AC packages depending upon your needs, giving you the flexibility to choose which service you need the most or if you simply want to upgrade a great system.


If you want to improve the reliability of your AC system, start off with one of our 16-Point Preventative Maintenance Programs that offers a 10% discount on all repair work, unlimited diagnostics and no overtime rates.


It starts with proper recycling and disposal of old materials. If your system contains old mercury, please DO NOT handle this yourself. Call a professional right away. Even removal of existing refrigerant can be extremely dangerous, so if you come across anything like this in your home, call David Gray today and have an expert handle the materials per EPA Regulations and Guidelines.

Energy Savings

Leaks are the enemy of efficiency and can cost you money. New Energy Efficiency Codes have been set in place to ensure that there are no leaks on new system installs. Sealing existing ductwork can also help cut down on humidity levels while reducing your energy bills.

Air Quality

More than ever, the air we breathe has come under scrutiny. Indoor Air Quality is now a topic of discussion and there many different options available to help fight bacteria and viruses as well as maintain ventilation and humidity control. Keeping the bad air out and the good air in is the key.


David Gray can install a new, easy-to-use comfort interface so you can manage your home's air conditioning and heating more effectively.

Air Flow

Getting that cool air flowing where it needs to is essential when it's hot outside. We'll start by checking your cooling and heating air volumes. We can install dampers and if you like we can add new diffusers, grilles or air returns. We'll also adjust registers and grilles as needed for maximum benefit and comfort.

Prevention and Safety

Let's face it, not only does an HVAC system have a lot of moving parts; there are also electrical components involved which can pose added dangers. Copper wire should be double insulated, all circuit breakers should be properly marked and low voltage wiring installed wherever possible. Condensate drains should also be insulated.


Many homeowners are willing to suffer in silence no matter how noisy their air conditioning system is as long as it keeps them cool. We say you can have cool AND quiet too. We'll help eliminate system vibration, insulate air returns, wrap duct-connectors as needed to help make your home's heating and cooling felt but not heard.

Call us today to for a FREE estimate and let us show you how we can make your home cooling and heating system the best it can be.