HVAC Trend Alert- Relocate Your Air Handler

Posted on: January 13, 2016

hvac framework atticWhat's the main use of your attic? For many families, it's a place to store items that are seldom used or that they cannot think of discarding just yet. Boxes of holiday decorations, seasonal garments and furniture are commonly found in attics alongside equipment vital to the home's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The attic often has plenty of room after your family's basic storage needs, which prompts homeowners to have their HVAC system's air handler installed there.

The previous owner of your home may have had the air handler put in the attic because the technician advised him or her to do so, based on outdated information. Current thinking among HVAC industry experts calls for placing air handlers in more accessible locations in order to save time and money as well as to make it easier for technicians to do their jobs during maintenance and inspections.

Why Relocate Your Attic Air Handler Now?

Every month that you let go by without taking care of your inefficient HVAC system means you are throwing money out the window in higher utility bills. If your air handler is in a hot attic, moving it to a cooler part of the home will definitely cut your energy costs.

Attic ducts often leak. You may think you have every single hold sealed, but even so, new leaks can occur without you even knowing about it. Going over every inch of ductwork is a laborious process, especially when a section of ductwork is in a location that's difficult to reach. This will increase maintenance costs.

HVAC industry insiders have been following the protocol of placing air handlers (and ductwork whenever possible) in cooler locations because this lets the air handler actually cool itself down somewhat, further lowering operating costs.

If your family is interested in "going green" and doing your part to lower your carbon footprint, you should know that relocating the air handler means you are decreasing energy usage.

An HVAC system that does not have to work quite so hard to provide conditioned air because the air handler is placed in the most suitable location will naturally last longer. Overburdened equipment that has to run more often because of inefficiencies will tend to malfunction sooner, after all.

Work with Professionals

Relocating an air handler from your attic is not a job for beginners. It's best to go with an HVAC company whose technicians have plenty of experience providing service to homes in Florida. Inexperienced technicians will take longer to get the job done and they might not have sufficient knowledge about where to actually relocate the handler.

David Gray Heating & Air's knowledgeable and friendly technicians are experts when it comes to keeping your heating and cooling system running at top performance. Homeowners in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area have come to rely on our team to help them select, install and maintain the right HVAC equipment. For more information on the benefits of relocating your attic air handler or advice on where to put it in your home, please contact the professionals at David Gray Heating & Air today.

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