Air Conditioning Jacksonville

Did you know that Jacksonville has the highest average yearly relative humidity for all major cities in Florida? This creates some very special needs for air conditioning. The Florida weather and the moist air here near the ocean contribute to how hot we feel, which makes dependable air conditioning more important by reducing that humidity. And it puts a greater demand on HVAC systems.

The highest humidity levels in Northeast Florida actually occur at night or early morning, and they average a heat pounding 87-92% throughout the year. That's why we offer same day service and are reachable 24 hours seven days a week. At David Gray, we recognize the importance of AC to Jacksonville area residents, and we are committed to your year-round comfort.

While the first air conditioner was invented over 100 years ago (by a man named Carrier), advancements in air conditioning have continued at a torrid pace. Yet, David Gray Heating and Air Conditioning is up to the task of keeping you cool with experienced professionals, trained in the latest advancements in heating and cooling technology.

From air conditioning and heating sales, service, maintenance and replacement, David Gray has the AC experts and the broadest selection of products to make your "castle" comfortable.