Air Conditioning Contractors

A quality, properly installed, efficiently operating air conditioning system is critical to your comfort and cost of operation and maintenance. That's why it is important for you to hire a state licensed air conditioning contractor. They can do the job right, with the right parts and equipment and at the most efficient cost.

Repair or replacement, a licensed contractor is the right call:

  • An unlicensed air conditioning contractor can cost you thousands of dollars by causing your system warranty to become null and void.
  • Licensed air conditioning contractors carry insurance.
  • Air conditioning contractors licensed by the state of Florida must meet exacting standards. These standards include:
    • Contractor must document at least four years of work experience including management experience on the job.
    • AC Contractor must pass a written test that has two parts; business and finance, and trade knowledge.
    • Licensed contractors must provide credit reports and financial statements to prove they are viable and they must meet certain criteria.
    • Air conditioning contractors must carry general liability insurance with specific limits set by the State of Florida.
    • The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires all licensed air conditioning contractors to complete a minimum of 14 hours of continuing education EACH year to maintain their licenses.

In addition, air conditioning contractors must keep up with the latest changes in new code requirements such as the following that went into effect this year:

  • All Accessible joints and seams in the air distribution system must be inspected and sealed where needed using reinforced mastic or code approved equivalent and shall include a signed certification by the contractor that is attached to the air handler unit stipulating that this work has been accomplished
  • An AC contractor shall submit a nationally recognized method based sizing calculation to the code official at the time of permit application for total replacement of the condensing and evaporator components of HVAC systems in accordance with Florida law
  • Refrigerant circuit access ports located outdoors shall be fitted with locking-type tamper-resistant caps
  • Where the primary heating system is a forced-air furnace, at least one thermostat per dwelling unit shall be capable of controlling the heating and cooling system on a daily schedule to maintain different temperature set points at different times of the day. This thermostat shall include the capability to set back or temporarily operate the system to maintain zone temperatures down to 55 deg. F or up to 85 deg. F.

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